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SRD II / ARUG II – Solutions for Intermediaries

The 2nd Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) and its transposition into the respective national laws are associated with far-reaching new requirements for intermediaries. Among the duties imposed on all custodian banks, information on shareholder identity and shareholder identification are among the greatest challenges.

On the one hand, intermediaries are required to comply fully and immediately with the request of stock corporations to disclose their shareholders. On the other hand, in fulfilling this obligation, personal data must be passed on that requires the highest standards of security and data protection.

Secure identification of shareholders with the WM-SRD-Hub

WM Datenservice, a reliable partner of the European financial industry for over 70 years, offers with its WM-SRD-Hub a compliant, multi-client capable but at the same time user-friendly solution. By bringing issuers and intermediaries together on one platform, the SRD hub enables secure feedback of shareholder identities to the inquiring company.

Advantages at a glance

  • High operational efficiency, integration into existing systems via WM data feed (straight-through-processing), choice of input option (manual, csv or xml upload, automated interface)

  • More economical than own development, attractive conditions for participants

  • High number of connected intermediaries allows extensive automation as compared to higher manual effort with less integrated systems, low processing costs per request

  • Detailed check of whether the request for disclosure originates from the issuer, User and profile management for the respective company

  • Encryption during transmission and in the database, secure return channel for sensitive, personal data

  • User-friendly and standardized entry of requests including workflow support

  • Standardized output formats, uniform and aggregated reports for further processing, reporting options, e.g. evaluations by country, size of shareholding